A view of Great Zimbabwe.

THE high mobile penetration such as seen in Zimbabwe and internet usage can boost digital tourism. Digital tourism is defined as the use of digital technologies to enhance a tourist experience.

What most people do not know is that-you can easily help tourists and travellers to have a feel of your beautiful surroundings. It’s as easy as cutting butter with a hot knife.

Slip your hand in the pockets and take your mobile phone.

Digital tourism is open to anyone, anywhere- as long as one has a device such as a mobile phone. You are a click away in telling the world the beautiful stories about your village, growth point, town or city.

You have got a mobile phone, right? What is stopping you from telling the world about your beautiful surroundings, curios, sculptor or traditional dishes and ceremonies? You can shoot videos and pictures; get them published on our site.

You are a click away!

With your mobile phone, preferably a smart phone, you can take a selfie, video or a picture and prove to potential travellers, hikers and tourists why they should visit. With a few additional lines, tell us more about your picture or video (who, what, where). Caption your images.

Zimobile is more than welcome to publish your content on the company website: www.zimobile.co.zw and social media platforms. Our aim is to help you promote digital tourism.

The world has gone digital. If you have a mobile phone; you are already part of the digital community.

SEND YOUR PICTURES OR SHORT (between 1-3 minutes) VIDEO CLIPS in landscape format. WE WILL PUBLISH THEM FOR FREE. Use our WhatsApp number: +263 773364666

Tourists and travellers look through recommendations and reviews on sites before they visit a place.

With this new category on our site-Digital Tourism- we want ordinary Zimbabweans including those based in rural areas to participate in the tourism industry with the help of the gadgets in their pockets-mobile phones. It cannot get simpler than that.


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