Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Yamikani Hapaguti (24) is a talented Zimbabwean content creator and host of, ‘The Undomesticated Podcast.’ UD opens the door for young women (and those whose existence and expression doesn’t fit into “mainstream” society) to tell their stories and inject their voices into the cultural conversation.

Yamikani Hapaguti. Pic By Zimobile

“The book that I am reading right now is a called, ‘We should all be feminists’ by Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Do I think young people should read it? Absolutely! Why? Because I agree with the mantra. Feminism is not applied to give women the upper hand over man. It is not applied to create further gender division, isolation or inequality.

It’s applied to empower and endorse young girls as well as young boys by promoting and upholding women. By promoting and uplifting women-women will naturally promote and uplift man around them. Women are givers and engagers” said Yamikani.

We should all be feminists-shows you the political -but also the social and the intricacy-the everyday door to door of how that is possible in Africa. I like that it’s contextualised for us, by us-written for us by Adichie- a fellow African. She has gone abroad and has seen that we were not writing enough about how we can better ourselves as Africans; the way we want to do it-to write our own stories. I heavily implore every teenager to read it.”


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