TelOne headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe. Pic by Zimobile

LIKE many telecoms companies in the world, TelOne has put precautionary measures to protect stakeholders and clients from COVID-19.

So far, the pandemic has infected more than 244,500 people and killed over 10,000 worldwide. Zimbabwe has not yet registered any case of COVID-19.

In a statement published yesterday, TelOne said, “we are assuring our valued clients and stakeholders that we stand with you and are ready to continue to deliver undisrupted service during the period of unprecedented uncertainty.”

As a result, TelOne is to place a number of measures including an offer of increased bandwidth to clients in what the company said was a response to the increased demand and upsurge in online activity due to the necessity for offsite operations and video meetings.

TelOne is Zimbabwe state owned telecoms company.

In addition, the company is set to introduce “a robust staff awareness which includes travel restrictions, social distancing and the use of online communication. Business visitors to TelOne facilities are now restricted to certain areas with personal visitors now prohibited.”

In Europe, telcos are experiencing a rise in internet traffic. Most people are working from home as a result of the pandemic, putting more demand on all networks.

On Wednesday, European Union commissioner Thierry Breton called on content providers to shift to standard definition feeds to stop networks from being weighed down.


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