About us


To eradicate poverty through promoting usage of ICTs.


Zimobile connect Zimbabwean communities and players in the telecommunications industry by inspiring the former to realise the economic benefits of utilising gadgets such as mobile phones.



Our story

Zimobile specialises in the delivery of media, mobile technology, tech entrepreneurship content based on interviews, industry reports, research and white papers – a container of critical insights for the media field, government, regulators and any business sector that uses mobile technology to operate its business.

We conduct media training and consultancy; offer photography and filming services; interviews with mobile network operators’ executives, leading technology providers and media leaders to gather personal insights on the direction of the telecoms and the digital media industry.

Zimobile also conduct public relations campaigns, social media and content strategies and other digital media training services on behalf of clients. We also conduct research in partnership with companies or non-for-profit organisations that want to make sense of the telecoms industry.